Wealth Planning Customized to You

We don’t do boilerplate at Galileo Planning Group. We don’t rubber-stamp, and we don’t fit you into someone else’s box. What we do is provide highly customized wealth planning strategies that encompass all areas of your finances, including investments, retirement, and taxes. Our mission is to provide the education, counsel, organization, and structure you need to attain your goals and make your life easier.


Our Story

After years as principals in another financial firm, our founders started Galileo Planning Group in response to the firm and industry changes they witnessed. We wanted to do only the things that served our clients, and we built Galileo Planning Group to do just that.

Today, we offer highly consultative planning to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationwide from our office in Menlo Park, California. We are not a money manager. Rather, we are strategic advisors with a fiduciary obligation to craft the financial and investment solutions that meet your specific and ongoing needs.

The Galileo Advantage

1. Strategic Planning

We are not money managers. Rather, we are strategic wealth advisors. We provide straightforward advice that is achievable and relevant to your life.

2. Comprehensive View

We apply our expertise and experience to all areas of your wealth, including investments, retirement, cash flow, and taxes.

3. Consultative Approach

We get to know you as a person so we can develop a one-to-one relationship that helps you feel like we are taking care of you.

4. Versatility in Custodians

We are investment-platform agnostic. We will work with your custodian (or custodians) to implement our portfolio recommendations.

5. Detailed Portfolio Construction

We delve into the details when constructing your portfolio, including defining the investment strategy in light of your goals and selecting the appropriate allocations.

6. Academic Philosophy

Rather than try to time the markets, we base our investment advice on academic research and our decisions on asset allocation. We seek investments that appear to offer the highest rate of return with the least expenses and most tax efficiency.