As you evaluate our firm, you may be curious how our approach translates into action. We offer the following client success stories to illustrate how consultation, counsel, strategy, and education have helped our clients take control of their future.


The Opportunity and Challenges of Company Stock

After one of her companies went public, our client, an entrepreneur, witnessed her “paper” wealth suddenly becoming liquid. But she had an affinity for the company and was reluctant to sell the stock.

Providing Liquidity and Diversification

Our client, a corporate CEO, had a very high net worth. However, little liquidity and practically no diversification left him feeling financially vulnerable.


House Keeping

Dissatisfied with the advice of their investment manager, a high-net-worth couple sought our counsel for not only their portfolio but in maintaining two homes while their children finished high school.

Assisting Administration of an Estate

A client’s sole surviving parent died with a significant estate. The client was one of two children named as successor trustees and co-executors of the various trusts and probate estate.